Landscape Training & Development to meet the Industry’s needs

Fforwm Tirlun, launched in November last year, has been set up to represent views across the whole of the landscape supply chain in Wales.

Fforwm Tirlun has been awarded, along with its partners BALI, Lantra and the Welsh College Of Horticulture, more than £50,000 by ELWa, the National Council for Education in Wales. The purpose of this grant is to find the training and professional development needs of the industry and create a structure to realise those needs. The industry can then be prepared to meet the requirements of its clients and its supply chain partners.

The project will bring together the best training available from private training providers and colleges into collaboration and will develop new material. The training and development will help relationships develop between the tiers of the supply chain. The project’s objectives have been laid out as:

to raise business and practical skills across the industry in Wales
to make skills development relevant to expansion of the industry through greater customer satisfactionto encourage collaboration between businesses across the industry sectors and trade associations and standards organisations
to encourage lifelong learning and the uptake of Continual Professional Development (CPD).
David Skidmore, Chief Executive of Fforwm Tirlun, says “We have a unique opportunity to take a fresh look at training and human resource development for the landscape industry in Wales. Our aim is to make sure that the industry operates at a high standard meeting the needs of its clients. Whilst it is essential that each sector appreciates the necessity for training and updating in its own specialism, we will be emphasising the importance of business skills which are common to all the sectors and will help them relate to each other and work smoothly together.”

Industry Partnership Manager at Lantra, Sally Beel, adds, “Lantra is pleased to be associated with Fforwm Tirlun, and delighted that this funding has been awarded to help identify and address the training needs of the industry in Wales. It fits well with Lantra’s remit to drive up skills in the landscaping industry across the UK, and supports our work with employers to address the problems surrounding recruitment, retention and workforce development.”

To start the process, Fforwm Tirlun held a meeting for its members that was hosted by Welsh Development Agency’s Foresight Programme. This collected ideas on the best way forward. During the meeting the importance of considering training for the whole supply chain was stressed as a way of enhancing mobility across sectors. In this way a better career structure would be created and prospects for those in the landscape industry would be improved.

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