Landscape Forum to push forward sustainable development in the industry

Fforwm Tirlun, was established to bring together the sectors of the landscape industry in Wales and encourage efficiency in the supply chain.

The Forum held a series of facilitated workshops to determine its priorities. Very high amongst these priorities is that the landscape industry in Wales should strive for the highest standards in environmental protection and sustainability.

The landscape industry generally sees itself as ‘green’. But there are many areas where improvements could be made such as the use of materials from sustainable sources, reduction of waste, reduction of chemical use, the use of ‘greener’ fuels and the protection and encouragement of natural biodiversity.

In Wales, the Green Dragon Environmental Management System helps companies to understand the effects they have on the environment and to monitor, manage and reduce these effects.

Fforwm Tirlun is encouraging all its member businesses to progress to the Green Dragon Award. In order to achieve this it has linked with the environmental organisation ARENA Network. ARENA Network will provide free environmental audits, business advice and training to landscape businesses in Wales.

David Skidmore, Chief Executive of Fforwm Tirlun, says, “It is essential to the future of the industry that it takes on board the principles of sustainable development. They are not only moral obligations for responsible companies but lead to cost savings and new business opportunities. We are very pleased to have the link with ARENA Network which gives Welsh businesses a huge chance to develop their environmental credentials.”

Neill Gatley, Business Environment Co-ordinator at ARENA Network, says, “Our principal aim is to promote environmental awareness and help companies develop in a sustainable manor. The landscape industry can have major positive and negative effects on the environment. ARENA Network will work with companies to reduce the negatives and build on the positives. Landscape businesses will then be involved in developing a better environment for us all.”

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