Fforwm Tirlun Business Plan 2004-2005

Executive Summary

Through widespread discussion in the landscape industry, a clear need has been established that an organisation should be formed to represent the views and assist the whole of the landscape supply chain in Wales. Accordingly Fforwm Tirlun, Wales Landscape Industry Forum has been set up. It is managed by a representative Council and has an associated company, Fforwm Tirlun, to administer funds.

Fforwm Tirlun has laid out its plans for the coming years to 2007. Activities that it will undertake are membership service activities that are designed to provide members with information and to promote the industry to clients:

1. Membership recruitment
2. Website Development
3. Marketing Strategy Implementation
4. Council and Committee Meetings
5. Manage accounts and arrange audits
6. Members’ Events
7. Newsletter
8. Collection of Membership Fees
9. Funding Applications

and project activities to improve the standards in the industry, maximise potential and add value to the businesses of members if funds are received:

1. Quality circles
2. Training Delivery
3. Insurance
4. Political training
5. Award Schemes
6. Procurement groups
7. Tender notification
8. Risk to business
9. Promote sustainable development

These activities have been costed and funding is being sought from a number of public sources.

The majority of current funding comes from the WDA but it is intended that dependence on external funding for membership services activities will be progressively reduced to zero. Plans are constructed to transfer the source of this income to membership subscriptions, training and networking events, and consultancy.

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