Code of Practice


Members of Tirlun will be expected to abide by and, wherever possible, exceed the principles given in this Code.

The purpose of this Code is to ensure that the reputation of Tirlun is protected and the quality of the landscape industry in Wales is raised to the highest possible standard.

Membership of Tirlun does not imply that Tirlun endorses the views or activities of the member.


1. Members will seek to enhance the reputation of the landscape industry. They will act in a professional manner by maintaining integrity in all their business relationships and by rejecting business practices that might be deemed improper or might reasonably be regarded as detrimental to Tirlun or its members. They will seek to develop good business relationships which assist the efficiency and effectiveness of the industry whilst allowing fair competition to flourish.

2. Members will enhance proficiency within the industry by acquiring and maintaining their technical and business knowledge. They will actively encourage their employees, employers and associates to acquire skills and to develop their proficiency.

3. Members will maintain and encourage the highest possible standards in the work that they carry out or with which they are involved.

4. Members will ensure that they meet all the statutory requirements placed upon them, to the letter and spirit of the law, both with regard to their clients and to their employees.

5. Individual members will perform their duties so as to optimise the use of resources for their employers whilst maintaining ethical practice.

6. All the work performed by members must have due regard to the protection of the environment and to health and safety and use good available practices to ensure this occurs.

7. Members must recognise and respect the rights of their clients, their colleagues, their suppliers and the public.

8. Members must not bring Tirlun into disrepute or use the name or logo of Tirlun improperly or in ways to which they are not entitled.

9. The logo of Tirlun, or membership of Tirlun, must not be used to infer accreditation or approval by Tirlun.


1. In cases where members are unsure on what constitutes good practices or when they are unsure of when practices may be deemed improper they should consult within their colleagues or businesses. Alternatively, the Council of Tirlun will advise on matters concerning the operation of this Code of Practice.

2. Breaches of this Code of Practice may, at the discretion of the Council, lead to suspension or removal of a business, organisation or individual from the membership.

3. The Council reserves the right to amend the Code of Practice.